Make Sure Your Certification Is Up To Date

The entire restaurant and food service industry has undergone several changes in the last few years, with public-driven and health-driven pushes to evolve. As a major resource for food-oriented businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, Raise The Grade’s food safety classes and ServSafe certification courses are available to help community members keep up with recent trends. Today on our blog we’re breaking down a few recent food and beverage trends that affect everyone in the culinary industry. Discover how you can avoid falling behind with our ServSafe certification courses focusing on food service rules and regulations!

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Easy Meal Kits & Home Cooking

Excessive time spent at home — either for health safety reasons or work-from-home reasons — has generated even more interest in at-home meal kits and gourmet home cooking. Food industry partners of Raise The Grade who are taking advantage of the meal-kit trend can ensure their pre-packaged ingredients are safe and kept fresh for customers with ServSafe certification. Our educational food safety classes are essential for success in an increasingly home-cooking-focused world by ensuring company chefs and culinary students are prepping these meals safely.

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Grab-And-Go Lunch & Dinner

Expanding take-out and various grab-and-go food options is quickly becoming a popular option for professional workers, college students, and busy individuals across Charlotte. With this recent emphasis on the “fast” in “fast-casual” and easy pick-up selections, it’s critical for restaurant owners and chefs to ensure their food quality isn’t compromised. Raise The Grade’s ServSafe certification courses are ideal for staying up-to-date on food safety and ensuring your repeat grab-and-go customers remain loyal to your delicious meal options.

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Push For Plant-Based Options

Whether you’re a small food service business, a full-scale professional restaurant, or a culinary student looking to start your career, one recent trend that cannot be ignored is the inclusivity of different diets. With the increasing popularity of Beyond Meat and meatless ingredients, specific dishes and entire menus are moving in a more plant-based direction. Taste and overall experience are not being compromised, however, which means it’s critical to maintain professional cultural standards with the help of ServSafe certification courses.

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Transparency in Cleanliness & Safety

As we move farther into the 2020s decade, food service establishments are becoming more and more transparent with consumers on how their businesses operate and how they’re keeping up with food safety practices. A few primary examples of this include foregoing traditional menus for scan-and-view options and making it a point to explain how the customer’s health and safety are protected. Following through with these practices also involves ensuring the actual food preparation does not cause unwanted illnesses with ServSafe certification from Raise The Grade in Charlotte.

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Expanding Delivery

Similar to pick-up and grab-and-go selections, the food and beverage industry is also expanding options for delivery, allowing consumers to enjoy high-quality food without dining in person. However, before your food service establishment can employ delivery drivers, Raise The Grade’s ServSafe certification courses can ensure the dishes themselves are cooked to an appropriate temperature. Our online food safety classes encourage education so you can truly tap into the delivery market. Take advantage of our restaurant management classes as well to discover how to incorporate this strategy into your current business plan.

Keep Up-To-Date With Raise The Grade’s ServSafe Certification

As our Raise The Grade food safety course provider continues to keep track of recent popular food and beverage trends, your food service business can reap the rewards right now. Keeping up with ServSafe certifications and ensuring your knowledge of food prep, catering, restaurant management, and more is possible with an easy sign-up process. Take advantage of our quality, online classes taught by experienced professionals and enhance your knowledge of every aspect of the food service industry. Get started today!