ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certification

Fast, Effective Food Safety Manager Training

You can earn Food Safety Manager Certification anytime through Raise The Grade! Our engaging one-day courses are easy to fit into your schedule.

Our program has certified over 42,000 people, proving it is the fastest and most effective approach to teach food safety. Our in-person and LiveStream courses include the ServSafe® Manager certification exam, while our online course includes the Always Food Safe certification exam. Both are ANSI-accredited and meet all standards to avoid being out of compliance.

In most states, food-serving businesses must have a Certified Food Safety Manager or a senior-level certified employee on site. We cover the FDA Model Food Code’s rules and best practices in class. We also cover state-specific food safety standards to help students understand how they apply to their businesses.

If you pass the test, you’ll receive a ServSafe® or Always Food Safe certificate proving you can manage food safety. Don’t delay food safety management certification. Sign up for our course now!

ServSafe Certification

Flexible Options

We understand that food safety training can be difficult to schedule. We offer in-person, LiveStream, and online training options to fit your busy life.

In-person ServSafe® certification classes enable you to learn and connect with teachers and classmates in a traditional classroom. We offer livestreamed training events so you can learn from home or work.

Online training allows busy folks the most flexibility. Train at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

We want to give you the knowledge and skills you need to ensure food safety in your business. Raise The Grade lets you pick when and how to get certified.

Food Safety Manager Certification

Raise The Grade Food Safety Classes

We teach food safety at Raise The Grade to help you succeed. Over 90% of our students pass the ServSafe® exam on their first try. We educate in a method that is simple, informative, and cheerful, so you learn and love it.

Besides outstanding instruction, we give each student a complimentary Raise The Grade study guide to improve in class and beyond.

Our lessons are held in accessible locations since comfort and convenience are essential to us. You should feel comfortable studying for your food safety exam.

Raise The Grade helps you prepare for the test and gain the skills and confidence to keep your clients safe and your health inspector satisfied. Sign up for your food safety course today!

Contact Us

We provide outstanding customer service and assistance before, during, and after your class. We want our food safety clients to succeed!

Call 1-844-704-FOOD (3663) with any questions or to schedule your ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certification training. We also offer private training for your organization/staff – let us know when and Raise the Grade will be there!

Choose Raise The Grade for your food safety training. Contact us now to learn more and get certified today!