Servsafe Exam Proctoring

ServSafe Exam Proctoring

Schedule Your Exam

Schedule your ServSafe® exam with Raise The Grade! We can assist in finding a secure private proctor or set you up to take the test in one of our scheduled courses.

To take the exam in one our scheduled courses, go to the “CLASSES” tab and, and after you’ve chosen the location and date for your exam, select the “Seasoned Veteran Pack” to take the test.

In some locations, we can provide a private proctor. Contact us on the “CONTACT” page to discuss options.

At Raise The Grade, we prioritize student comfort and privacy while taking the exam. Raise The Grade’s experienced proctors and flexible options make it easy to schedule your exam on your time. Contact us now to schedule your exam.

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Proctors

Raise The Grade knows how important it is to have well-trained and knowledgeable proctors. Our proctors have been extensively trained on ServSafe® requirements and exam ethics, so students feel secure that their tests are fair and correct.

Our skilled proctors and their commitment to providing a fair, comfortable atmosphere for test-taking make Raise The Grade a top choice for exam proctoring.

Exam Proctoring

Secure and Confidential Exam Environment

Raise The Grade understands the importance of providing safe and private testing spaces for our students. We take stringent security measures to ensure the examinations’ integrity and provide our students the piece of mind they need to take them.

To protect students’ personal information and test papers, our team strictly ensures all exams are kept safe and private.