ServSafe® Food Handler Training

Food Handler Certification

Training On Your Budget, Your Schedule

At Raise The Grade, we understand the need to provide food service workers with affordable and timely training. That’s why we offer an in-person Food Handler course to teach the fundamentals of food safety affordably and in under 4 hours.

Our flat-rate price for an in-person Food Handler course means training for small and big groups is both affordable and straightforward. Our classes are customized for your specific operating needs and include a ServSafe® Food Handler Guide for each student.

Raise The Grade also offers an online version of our ServSafe® Food Handler course that includes a knowledge check exam. In just a few hours, students will learn why food safety is so critical and how to maintain a safe food service environment.

Contact us to discuss which option is best for your business and with any training topics you’d want us to cover. We want thorough and adaptable food safety training for all food service workers.

Expert Instruction and Support

Raise The Grade’s ServSafe® Food Handler course covers the fundamentals of food safety and personal hygiene to create a culture of safety. Our professional instructors bring over 250 years of experience in food and beverage, professional development, and industry experience to provide expert advice.

After completing our course, you’ll receive a Raise The Grade Certificate. A knowledge test at the end of the course will reinforce knowledge topics and the importance of food safety culture. We want to teach you how to handle and safely store food.

You can trust Raise The Grade to provide the best food industry training and professional development. Contact us to learn more about available options in your city!

Food Handling Certification

Food Safety Guidelines Compliance

All Raise The Grade classes, including the Food Handler Course, are regularly updated to focus on the latest food safety standards. Keeping up with industry best practices is crucial and we go the extra mile to keep our teachings current.

You can trust Raise The Grade for the latest and most complete food safety training. We stay ahead of the curve to give our customers confidence that they are getting the greatest training available.

Convenience and Flexibility

Raise The Grade makes it easy to learn about food safety through our in-person and online training options.

Our in-person Food Handler courses are interactive and engaging, while our online sessions offer the most flexible options for busy self-paced learners.

Because each customer has different goals and needs, we’ll work with you to provide as many options as possible. At Raise The Grade, we prioritize our customers’ experience to set you up for success. Let us help you achieve food safety excellence!