Over the last few years, the events and conventions industry in North Carolina has been rebounding from the pandemic. Companies are starting to book larger events at hotels again, and attendance is steadily increasing. Now, a ServSafe® certification in North Carolina is more important than ever. With so many people in one place, it’s important to make sure that all hotel managers are properly trained in food safety. That’s where Raise-The-Grade® comes in. We offer food safety classes that are designed to meet the specific requirements of North Carolina. Continue reading to learn more!

Ensure Food Standards are Met

As a hotel manager overseeing events and conventions, you are responsible for ensuring all food safety requirements are met. A ServSafe® certification from Raise-The-Grade® is the best way to ensure that you and your staff are up to date on the latest food safety practices.

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Keep Guests Safe

Conventions and other events tend to have a lot of people in one place. That means there’s a higher risk for food-borne illness if proper safety precautions aren’t followed. ServSafe® is a food safety certification that is recognized by the FDA that covers topics such as foodborne illnesses, personal hygiene, and food safety procedures. It’s important that the manager in the hotel has this certification and it is up to date to ensure that the food served is safe.

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Staffing Shortage

The hospitality industry is facing a staffing shortage, and it’s slowing the process towards recovery. With Raise-The-Grade® online food safety classes, you can keep your ServSafe® certification updated without having to take time away from your busy schedule.

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More Events and Conventions

As the event and convention industry rebounds, we can expect to see an increase of people at hotels as well as an increase in food preparation. With this, you can make sure you’re prepared by updating your ServSafe® Manager Certification from Raise-The-Grade®.

Update your ServSafe® certification for North Carolina with Raise-The-Grade®! You can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the busy event and convention season. Learn more about how Raise-The-Grade® can help by visiting our website or contacting us today!