Make Sure Your Certification Is Up To Date

No matter what type of establishment in the beverage industry you own, operate, or work in — a coffee shop, a bar, a juice and smoothie bar — it’s important to keep up with current trends. Consumers are changing their tastes on what they want and are looking for in their beverages and Raise The Grade can help you stay on top of it. Our organization is well-versed in the knowledge of food safety and sanitation, offering ServSafe certification courses for restaurant managers, chefs, culinary students, and other personnel in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Raise The Grade specializes in helping our clients keep up with what’s going on in the beverage industry and ensure their customers’ needs are being met. Follow along with some of the current trends we’ve noticed and ensure your ServSafe certification is up to date!

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The Rise of Better-For-You Beverages

One of the recent 2022 trends in the beverage industry that’s taking the United States by storm is the demand for drinks that are beneficial to the consumer. It’s a current challenge for those in the beverage industry to add value to their products and to distinguish their products from a competitor’s products. One of the best ways to do so in this day and age is to offer beverage options that are conscious of the consumer’s overall health and well-being. Raise The Grade’s ServSafe® Certificate Program allows those in the food service industry to have the training and knowledge possible to safely offer drinks that utilize natural ingredients, have reduced amounts of sugar, have fewer calories, and are boosted with essential vitamins and minerals.

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Mocktails For Regular Consumption

While enjoying alcohol is universal across the United States, offering several beverage options — both with and without alcohol — is necessary to increase market value. Restaurants and bars may face the challenge of alienating consumers without beverage offerings that cater to all tastes, which is something mocktails can solve. Ensuring your ServSafe certification is up to date and that your location is sanitary enough to create signature drinks allows your food service location to take advantage of a sudden rising trend: mocktails for individuals who are abstaining from or don’t care for alcohol. Raise The Grade’s ServSafe certification can help you provide your North Carolina consumers with a variety of refreshing, delicious drinks that can be sold at any time of the day or night.

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Fermented Drinks

Consumers are changing and thinking more about what beverages they’re tasting and trying out, one of which is fermented drinks. Instead of the typical coffee and tea options, consumers are instead trying out fermented teas and kombuchas as a way of expanding their taste buds. Taking advantage of this change allows your food service establishment to avoid missing out on a huge untapped section of the consumer market. If you already specialize in other fermented beverages or teas, a current ServSafe certification from Raise The Grade can help you expand your operations and entice more customers.

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Plant-Based & Other Dietary Options

Going beyond the traditional water and tea options, consumers are paying closer attention to what they’re drinking. It’s not uncommon now for consumers to look specifically for plant-based milk to go into their coffee or other vegan-friendly and dietary-restriction-friendly ingredients. As a coffee shop or smoothie bar, you can prevent turning away customers by offering products and drinks that cater to their lifestyle choices. Keep your ServSafe certification up to date with Raise The Grade and prevent alienating your North Carolina audience by offering more plant-based and vegan-friendly options.

Stay Current With Raise The Grade’s ServSafe Certification

Raise The Grade is an organization that’s well-versed in the food preparation, food service, management, and financials of the food service industry. In addition to providing ServSafe certification courses to our clients, we also provide high-quality education on food safety and sanitation courtesy of experienced professional instructors. Learn more about how we can help you by contacting us today!