At Raise the Grade®, we love working with restaurants, diners, hotels, and any other type of business in the food and hospitality industry. We’ve worked with countless establishments, providing ServSafe® certification and food handler courses for kitchen staff. However, it’s also important that front of house staff are trained in how to handle food and drink safely so customers get the best experience every time they visit. Keep reading to learn more, and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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What Are Front of House Positions?

There are several different front of house positions, and each one serves a different purpose in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. The general manager, the shift manager, the host, and the servers are the most common positions, and your business may have a bar manager and bartenders as well. Each person should be trained on how to handle and serve food safely.

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Handling Food Safely

Our ServSafe® food handler training program is designed to teach your front of house staff basic food safety, how to avoid cross-contamination and control allergens, and much more. Your wait staff will be the ones handling the food most often, so it’s important for them to understand personal hygiene and how it impacts the food handling process, as well as cleaning and sanitizing surfaces between customers.

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Making Drinks Properly

If your restaurant has a bar, your bartenders can benefit from our ServSafe® alcohol service training. Whether they’re making drinks for customers at the bar or seated at tables, these front of house staff members can learn how to handle alcohol properly, what temperature certain items need to be stored at, and how to think and react successfully and responsibly when serving alcoholic beverages.

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Keeping Everyone Trained

You never know when a certain front of house position will be called upon to handle food or drink, such as the general manager needing to assist during the lunch or dinner rush. By keeping everyone trained and up-to-date on safety and cleaning procedures, you can ensure your customers have an outstanding experience every time they dine with you.


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