Food is a daily necessity that no one can live without, and knowing how to safely handle food is of extreme importance. With the right training and education, you can easily learn how to properly handle food, minimizing the risk of bacteria, infections, and pathogens. Raise The Grade offers an easy and effective Food Handler Training that gets you your food safety certificate. A great way to start is by remembering these 4 tips on how to safely handle food.

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Controlling Allergens

Food allergies are one of the most dangerous and when handling the food of someone with a specific allergy, it’s extremely important to know how to properly handle their food with the utmost care. Using things such as color-coded storage and utensils is a great way to minimize the risk of triggering a food allergy. Once you learn how you can easily control allergens around you, it quickly becomes second nature.

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Prevent Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination can easily happen between both cooked and raw foods, unintentionally transferring bacteria or other microorganisms. With this being one of the main sources of foodborne infections, it’s key to know the proper way in preventing this risk. Get your food handler certification to be trained and prepared in preventing cross-contamination.

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Importance of Time and Temperature

Time and temperature isn’t just a preference, it also keeps our food out of the danger zone, preventing us from getting ill. Without understanding the importance of both time and temperature, the risk of food poisoning bacteria growing is extremely high. Learning the right time and temperatures for your food will not only keep you safe but give you the most satisfying meals yet.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

The number one way to prevent the spread of bacteria and illnesses is with cleaning and hygiene. When you receive the right training on how to clean and sanitize your kitchen and eating spaces, you will also find your quality of health improving as well. Not only does it greatly minimize your risk of getting sick, but it keeps your surroundings clean, sanitized, and ready for the next delicious meal!

Learning how to safely handle food can seem like a lot of information and responsibility. But, with the right training and practice you find it quickly becomes second nature. At Raise The Grade, we offer an easy assessment program to help you get your food handler certification today!