Having a certified food safety manager on duty goes a long way to keeping your customers safe, protecting your restaurant from costly mistakes, and staying in compliance with regulations. In today’s blog post from Raise-The-Grade, we’ll discuss four of the key points of ServSafe and how investing in this class and certification benefits your restaurant, staff, and customers. Read on to learn more.


The Importance of Food Safety

One of the biggest lessons that individuals who become ServSafe certified take away from our class is how important food safety really is. Beyond the specific knowledge and skills they’ll acquire through this class, they will also gain a more profound respect for food safety as a whole.


Good Personal Hygiene

Another topic of discussion during the ServSafe food safety course is the importance of good personal hygiene. From proper hand washing techniques to personal grooming practices, your managers will learn everything necessary about hygiene during our ServSafe course.


Time and Temperature Control

A major topic of focus during our ServSafe class is the importance of time and temperature control (TCS) for food safety. During this section of the course, we’ll cover the temperature danger zone, how to heat, hold, and cool TCS food, as well as a more in-depth look into the pathogens that can make people sick when processes aren’t followed.


Preventing Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is another area of focus during the ServSafe food safety course at Raise-The-Grade. We’ll cover common ways that cross contamination can occur as well as tactics that help us to prevent the spread of pathogens through contamination.

Find a ServSafe Class Near You

To make sure your restaurant always has a certified food safety manager on duty, it’s essential that you invest in an official ServSafe food safety course. At Raise-The-Grade, we offer ServSafe manager certification classes and the exam to help keep your establishment in compliance with food safety regulations, as well as to help keep your customers safe. To get started, find a ServSafe class near you at Raise-The-Grade. With locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, you are sure to find a ServSafe class that is conveniently located near you.