Alcohol Serving can be a fun environment and enjoyable job. However, it comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge to keep the atmosphere safe. Raise The Grade offers convenient and easy training to give you the education you need, providing you with confidence and security. With a Servsafe alcohol certificate, you get the resources to ensure you start your serving successfully. Learn 4 easy tips on safely serving alcohol below.


Always Check IDs

Although the atmosphere that drinking comes with is fun, being caught serving someone underage is not. Knowing your area’s alcohol laws and always checking IDs is an effective way to make sure you’re not putting yourself, or anyone else at risk. It’s often the bartenders responsibility to keep a safe environment and by taking the Servsafe alcohol certification class, you can get your training done at your convenience.


Adjust Your Serving Accordingly

It’s important to know how to gauge when to adjust your serving. Guests can easily lose track of their alcohol consumption and the Servsafe alcohol class at Raise The Grade, will teach you how to keep track of how much your guests are drinking. Knowing when to slow down or stop service can reduce drunk driving and keep the exciting atmosphere safe.


Measure Your Drinks

Bartending and serving can be an exhilarating job! With this adventurous career comes a lot of responsibility. Knowing how to properly measure and mix your drinks ensures you know how strong your drinks really are. With different tolerance levels, people, and situations, one thing you can accurately gauge and control is how you measure and mix your drinks. Raise The Grade offers Servsafe alcohol classes to give you the confidence you need.


Learn Practiced Professionalism

Occasionally, dealing with someone intoxicated can be a trying situation, but with Raise The Grade’s alcohol training classes, you can learn the coping mechanisms and tools you need to handle these types of situations with professionalism. Knowing the different strategies available gives confidence, control, and safety to those serving the alcohol and those enjoying the atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for confidence, education, or support in your alcohol serving knowledge, Raise The Grade’s Servsafe alcohol class gives you the training you need. Get Started Today.