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Keeping an eye out on what the rest of the food and beverage world is up to is the key to success, which is exactly what Raise The Grade in Charlotte, North Carolina is here to report. Once again we are sharing our insider knowledge of the recent trends taking over the food and beverage market and providing the necessary education courses to keep up with them. Raise The Grade’s ServSafe certification courses are ideal for not only ensuring your food preparation is sanitary and up-to-code but also for boosting your business productivity and reputation within the community. Browse through a few more recent changes restaurants, culinary students, and other food service establishments can expect of consumers, and remember to sign up for our ServSafe certification classes.

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Emerging Focus on Sustainability

Consumers are considering more and more their impact on the environment and how their everyday actions contribute to larger issues. Thus, to meet this newfound demand, food service locations and restaurants are highlighting their sustainability efforts and showcasing what they do to give back to the Charlotte community and the environment. To make sure your everyday processes and food preparation are as clean and sustainable as possible, Raise The Grade provides ServSafe certification to protect both your integrity and the health of your customer. We recommend advertising how you’re green to increase your attractiveness to diners.

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Interest in Local Businesses & Sources

With the financial and health-based struggles the United States has faced throughout the beginning of the 2020s, there’s been a recent push to support local businesses and local business owners. With regards to the food and beverage industry, this includes the creation of “Takeout Tuesday” and renewed effort to shop small businesses and eat at local restaurants. Your food service establishment can entice consumers to continue participating in these efforts to preserve the community by continuing to provide delicious food prepared by ServSafe certificated chefs.

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Gratuity to Benefit Waitstaff

This recent trend our team at Raise The Grade has noticed may depend on the location of your food service business or restaurant, but it is nonetheless very important to pay attention to. Many establishments that specialize in cooking and serving food are adding a gratuity to each bill designed to benefit the financial well-being of the waitstaff. Raise The Grade’s experienced instructors can provide even more information on this method of food service management through our online classes, so you can make an informed decision on if this trend can be taken advantage of. Depending on where you live and work in the Charlotte and Greater North Carolina area, you may see this type of gratuity on restaurant bills.

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Healthy Meal Options

While consumers and diners will occasionally crave indulgent food such as pizza or burgers, recently they tend to lean more towards healthier food options. Whether it’s the elimination of meat, the addition of vegetables, or the introduction of more health-conscious dishes in general, the diet of everyday consumers is taking a turn. Ensuring your food service establishment has the appropriate ServSafe certification it needs and integrating more low-calorie selections onto your menu are excellent means of taking advantage of this trend.


Embracing Technology

Food service and culinary technology in general has evolved greatly over the past few years. This takes many different forms, from a business increasing its presence on food-centered mobile apps to allowing more online bookings. No matter where your food-oriented business fits within the industry, it’s important to take advantage of technology for ease of operations and customer satisfaction. In fact, doing so is easy with Raise The Grade’s online courses and ServSafe certification, both of which are critical for both long-term and short-term success.

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