Food safety, done simply.

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The ServSafe® Food Handler training and assessment program is a solution that delivers basic food safety knowledge, and training, to food service employees who may not be in a leadership role, but still handle food on a daily basis. The ServSafe® Food Handler training covers five key areas:

  1. Basic Food Safety
  2. Personal Hygiene
  3. Preventing Cross-Contamination & Controlling Allergens
  4. The Importance Time & Temperature Control
  5. Cleaning & Sanitizing

This 2-hour class and assessment is for all food service staff members.  The main objective is to help reinforce the understanding of "why" it is important to do the right things, the right way, every time.

By scheduling this training for your operation you will have a Raise-The-Grade™ instructor come to your facility and give an interactive presentation which involves hands on activities, all the while raising employee awareness of proper food safety principles, an how to apply these principles.

Each attendee will receive the following items:

  1.  ServSafe® Food Handler guide
  2.  End-of-class knowledge assessment
  3.  Certificate of completion 

To make this training accessible and affordable for large, or small groups, we have abopted a flat rate pricing structure.  This flat rate easily allows the training to be constructed for a class of 3, 10, or 100 individuals.  The flat  assessment is $250.00 plus $10 for each individual ServSafe® Food Handler guide given out for the training.  Please contact us with any questions or areas of specific interest so we may adapt the food safety training to fit your specific operational needs.

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