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Had a question in class this week about why sprouts are considered a TCS/Hazardous Food. Unfortunately the headline today is that the count is up to 25 in the latest sprout foodborne illness outbreak at Jimmy John's. Here's a quote from the article: "Raw sprouts, considered a high-risk food, have been associated with at least 40 foodborne illness outbreaks -- mostly E. coli and Salmonella infections -- since 1990. Raw sprouts served at Jimmy John's restaurant franchises have been linked to five outbreaks in four years. Sprout seeds are typically the problem. They can become contaminated with pathogens from animal feces, or from dirty growing or processing equipment. The bacteria then multiply to dangerous levels as the seeds germinate under humid conditions. Homegrown sprouts are not necessarily any safer than commercially grown sprouts. Jimmy John's recently indicated it would no longer serve raw sprouts with its sandwiches." For the complete article follow this link: Sprouts

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