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3/18: Asheville ServSafe Class + Exam

(Food Safety Manager Class & Exam Administration)


Full descriptions are listed further below.

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Mar 18, 2024
8:00 am -  5:00 pm
Registration options:
Ticket Name Ticket Price Qty
Standard Pack
Food safety, taught simply. Everything needed for class & exam are included.
$ 149.00
Overachiever Pack
Like to study beforehand? Also includes the ServSafe® textbook mailed prior to the class day.
$ 195.00
Seasoned Veteran Pack
Taking the exam only? Arrive at 2:30pm and we will have the exam ready to go.
$ 99.00

Event description:

Asheville Area ServSafe Certification

These Food Safety Manager Courses are designed in an upbeat and informative manner using a 1-day format, with the ServSafe® Manager Certification exam administered by 3pm on the same day.   

With the collective experience of 200+ years in the food service, hospitality, and eduction sectors, Raise-The-Grade® has developed the most efficient and practical method of delivering the food safety knowledge to protect food service businesses and their customers.


As of Spring 2023:

3,900+ Food Safety Manager classes delivered

43,000+ individuals helped in achieving their ServSafe® Manager Certification


All attendees will be provided with the following items:

  • Pens
  • #2 pencils (for exam)
  • Water and/or Coffee (where available)
  • Personal study guide


Class Option Descriptions

The Standard Pack (most popular)

  • Includes everything needed for the Food Safety Manager Course and the ServSafe® Manager Certification exam.  This includes the personal study guide and the ServSafe® exam answer sheet for pen and paper exams, or a ServSafe® exam access code to access the exam online.
  • Just bring a photo ID, we will take care of everything else for the class and exam.

The Overachiever Pack

  • Same as The Standard Pack, but also includes the current ServSafe® 7th Ed. textbook will be mailed prior to the class.  This option is for individuals who feel the need study before the class day.  Although we will not be using the textbook during the class day, it does provide all of the information we will be covering.
  • Just bring a photo ID the day of class, we will take care of everything else for the class and exam.

The Seasoned Vet Pack

  • This option is for individuals who do not want to attend the class, but come in ONLY for the ServSafe® Manager Exam.  Note that this option is ONLY for individuals who feel they already have a mastery of the food safety information covered.


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