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Livestream Study Guide

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 Food Safety Manager Study Tools


Food Safety Logs/Posters/Etc

Download or print any of these that may be helpful for training, maintaining, or managing food safety in the operation.



Food Service Rules and Regulations

 Need a copy of the ServSafe© certificate?

All you need to do is contact us!  We have access to certificates from every student who has taken the ServSafe© Food Manager or Alcohol certification.  We will email you a copy in a PDF file, simply give us a call or shoot us an email at:

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Name change on your ServSafe© certificate?

All that is needed is to fill out the Name Correction Form and either fax or email to the National Restaurant Association.  The fax number and email along with instructions are on the top of the form.  You will need your "User ID" on your ServSafe account and your exam session number.  If you have not created an account, along with a "User ID" and password at, you will need to do this first.  If you need your exam session number you can contact Raise-The-Grade® via email at or by calling our customer service number at 1-844-704-FOOD (3663).