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Scores and Certificates

 When will the exam score and ServSafe® certificate be received?

  • The ServSafe® certificate and exam score will be emailed as soon as results are released.  Scores and certificates are released in approximately 8-10 business days and will be promptly sent thereafter.
  • For online ServSafe® exams, and upon passing, the score and certificate are immediately available.

 How will the score and ServSafe® certificate be received?

  • For pen and paper exams, the score and ServSafe® certificate will be emailed.  The attendee's email will be verified upon check-in the morning of class.

 What if the score/certificate has not been received after 10 business days?

  • Please contact Raise-The-Grade® right away.  We will verify the email, then send the score and the ServSafe® certificate right away.  Contact us at 1-844-704-FOOD (3663) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 What if the attendee does not pass the exam?

  • The cost for retaking the class/exam is only $40.00, which covers the cost of the ServSafe® scantron answer sheet.  Please contact us to reschedule another exam.  The attendee does have the option to retake the entire class, or come in for the exam only.  Whichever option is preferred, the cost of $40 will remain the same.  If the exam only is preferred, please plan to arrive at the location by 2:30pm. 

 If the attendee did not pass, what options are available?

 Is the ServSafe® certificate required to be posted in the restaurant, or food service operation?

  • Per the NC Food Code Manual it is NOT mandatory to have your ServSafe® certificate displayed in the food service establishment.  The ServSafe® certificate may be displayed in any manner preferred as long as the certificate it current, and belongs to the person presenting the certificate.
    •  However, some regulatory inspectors like to see at least one certificate displayed.  Although it is not required to be posted, it is polite to ask your inspector's preference.  

 Is the ServSafe® certificate valid in other states?

  • The ServSafe® Food Safety Manager certificate is valid nationwide.
    • However, some states or local jurisdictions have specific requirements.  Feel free to call us if there are questions regarding requirements for a specific location. 

ServSafe® Registration

How does one register for a class?

  • Click "Find Classes" on the home page, or from any other page, then select the location most convenient.  Class dates will drop down from earliest to latest by clicking the location desired.  Click the most convenient date, select the class option preferred, payment type, and all is set!  A confirmation email will follow immediately thereafter!

Is there anything needed to bring?

  • The only item required is a photo ID.
  • Everything else will be provided day of class, including: ServSafe® scantron answer sheet, water, coffee, candy, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Some items to consider bringing, based on personal preference:
    • Personal beverage/snacks
    • Possibly lunch; If not driving, most locations do have food options available on-site)
    • Light sweater or jacket if prone to becoming chilled

 What if there is an issue when registering?

  • We know technology isn’t perfect.  If glitch has occured, give us a call!
  • Call our toll free customer service 1-844-704-FOOD (3663).  We can talk you through it, or we can register you over the phone.

Online ServSafe® Options

 Instead of coming to the instructor led class, is it available to take the ServSafe® class online?

 The online course has been completed, so how is the exam accessed?

  • The ServSafe® Food Safety Manager exam must be proctored by an approved representative of the National Restaurant Association.  Choose a location and date from the Class Locations, then call or email to schedule the exam date/location preferred.  Please plan to arrive by 2:30pm at the class location, and the instructor will provide everything needed for the ServSafe® exam..

 Is there a way to take the ServSafe® exam only, without attending the class?

  • Attending the instructor led ServSafe® class is recommended, but not required.  The exam only option can be selected by choosing the "Seasoned Veteran Pack" within the ServSafe® class date/location registration options.  Please plan to arrive at the preferred ServSafe® exam location by 2:30pm.

Payment Options

 What if the credit card won’t go through while registering online?

  • We all know technology isn’t perfect!  Give us a call at 1-844-704-FOOD (3663).  We can run a card over the phone and a receipt will be emailed automatically.  Or, payment may be brought the day of class.
  • Most of the time this is due to the computer's firewall protection, or a line item not matching up perfectly with the credit card being used.
  • If using a coporate or company credit card, and the zip code or other pertinent line item is unknown, contact us to schedule the preferred class and arrange other payment options.   

 Can payment be brought to class, or is pre-payment required?

  • Pre-payment is not required to register for an instructor led class and/or ServSafe® exam.  If bringing payment to class, make sure to hand it to the instructor at check-in.  We will write a receipt to the individual attending class.
  • If registering for an online ServSafe® class, pre-payment is required before the class access code is made available.  

 What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Credit card, check, cash, or money orders are all accepted.
  • Payment may be made online via credit card when registering for the preferred class and options.
  • Also, payment made be made via check, cash, or money order, and either mailed, or handed to the instructor at check-in on the morning of the class date/location.

 To whom should the check or money order be made?

  • Hospitality Education Services, Inc. (OR)
    • HES, dba Raise-The-Grade®

 If mailing payment, where should it be sent?

  • Please mail payment to our CFO:
  • Attn: Jake Young
  • 2015 Belle Regal Cir., Rock Hill, SC 29732

Day of Class Issues

 What if the person can’t make it to class?

 Can a registered attendee be substituted or another person?

  • Of course!  Call us or email us and we will change the name on the registration.  There is NO fee, or charge associated with substitutions.  Call us toll free at 1-844-704-FOOD (3663), or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 What if there is bad weather?

  • Our goal is to hold the class, if at all possible.  However, if the weather is not cooperating and we feel safety may be an issue, the class may be rescheduled or cancelled.  Each student will be contacted by phone and/or email and rescheduled for the next preferred class.
  • Also, if the class is NOT cancelled and student does not feel comfortable driving in bad weather, then please call or email to reschedule to the next preferred class. Call us toll free at 1-844-704-FOOD (3663), or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ServSafe® Exam Languages

 Is the ServSafe® exam offered in other languages?

  • For every scheduled ServSafe® exam, the exam language options are English, Spanish, or Chinese (mandarin).  Please NOTE!  Unless otherwise specified, the ServSafe® class instruction will be conducted in English.
  • If the ServSafe® exam is needed another language, this can be arranged; BE SURE to select the language preference upon registration, and the preferred language exam will be provided.
    •  Languages available for the written ServSafe® exam are: English, Spanish, Chinese (mandarin), French Canadian, Japanese and Korean.

 Is the class taught in other languages?

  • Spanish ServSafe® classes are available.  Click on the "Spanish" category location, and a list of Spanish ServSafe® classes will drop down showing the available dates/locations.

 Is the ServSafe® 7th ed. textbook available in other languages?

  • Currently, the ServSafe® 7th ed. textbooks are available in English and Spanish.  A ServSafe® 5th ed. Chinese (mandarin) textbook can be ordered to study before a class date/location.  Please contact us to have a Chinese textbook ordered prior to the preferred ServSafe® exam date/location.