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Restaurant Reopening Tips


The ability to enjoy a hot sandwich melt with a cold pint seems as far away as Crystal Pepsi. Restaurants need to reopen not only because they are a significant source of income for many folks, but also the need to dissect the intricacies and pure dominance of Alabama Football with other fans is negatively impacting communication skills with my roommate. My wife hates it when I refer to her like that. We’ve done our best to compile an easy to follow restaurant reopening list for foodservice establishments so when the time comes we can all do what we do best, which is to discuss the meaning of life over fine food and drink.

servsafe training is the industry's leading food safety certification training provider offering ServSafe classes and training courses in the USA.

ServSafe classes aim to educate the learners about proper food handling and public safety in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration codes and by-laws. The classes from ServSafe are endorsed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Most of the ServSafe training certifications are also endorsed by local and federal regulating bodies.

The foodservice industry is a dynamic and growing industry with more than 15.6  million workers all over the United States. It is estimated that by 2030, there would be 1.6 million new jobs in the restaurant industry.  According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants are one of the top private-sector job providers in the country. It means that this sector offers jobs for one in every ten US citizens.

prepare for inspection

Use these pro tips to help you pass your next health inspection with flying colors.

The health inspector has just arrived for a surprise inspection of your kitchen and dining area, and the restaurant is super busy. You think to yourself, this is not a convinient time for me. But then again, it never is.

Are you prepared? Has your kitchen staff been properly trained? Does your facility meet ServSafe food safety guidelines?

Use these quick health inspection tips to Raise-The-Grade on your next health inspection and never worry about being unprepared for an inspection.